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DH Events and Calls for Papers

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Members of the class can post here notices of events that might be of interest to others.


  • 2017 Events
    • Sept. 22-24, 2017, Madison, WI -- Conference: "Book History and Digital Humanities" (Proposals due to printculture@slis.wisc.edu by April 15, 2017; Decision Notification by May 15, 2017)
    • July-12-14, 2017, Philadelphia -- Conference: "Keystone DH":
      • "Keystone DH @ the Chemical Heritage Foundation: . . .
        We are excited to announce that this year’s Keystone DH Conference
        will be held at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia. Now
        in its third year, Keystone DH is an annual conference and a network
        of institutions and practitioners committed to advancing collaborative
        scholarship in digital humanities research and pedagogy across the
             Keystone DH is currently inviting submissions on all aspects of using
        and studying digital computation within the interpretive context of
        the humanities–especially those considering the role of communities of
        collaboration and faceted teamwork across disciplines within this area
        of scholarly inquiry.
             Submit a Proposal by March 1, 2017 <http://keystonedh.network/2017/cfp/>
             We welcome proposals from faculty researchers, unaffiliated scholars,
        students, librarians, technologists, artists and critical-makers.
        Presentations may take the form of *Short Papers* (15 min), *Panel
        Discussions* or *Roundtables*, *Interactive Presentations*,
        *Workshops*, or *Lightning Round Project Demos*. We will also be
        offering a number of student bursaries in support of presenting at the
        conference. This will include a conference fee waiver and some funds
        to partially cover travel and living expenses.
        keystonedh.network, contact@keystonedh.network, @KeystoneDH"
    • Regina Schober talkFeb. 16, 2017, UCSB -- Regina Schober (U. Mannheim): "Networks and Numbers: New Models for the Humanities?" (1pm, Sankey Room, South Hall 2623) 
      • "In her talk, Regina Schober will look at the concept of ‘network’ and ‘quantification’ as transdisciplinary phenomena that have increasingly been explored in the humanities. As a preferred metaphor and figure of thought in our current information age, the network serves to describe complex, recursive, and multilateral structures. At the same time, Big Data has brought forth a paradigm shift from qualitative to quantitative (self-)description. What does it mean if (US American) literature and culture not only address digital practices but also incorporate them into their narrative structure? How do these concepts challenge traditional assumptions concerning knowledge, subjectivity, and agency? And finally, what does it mean to adopt ‘network’ and ‘numbers’ as models for the humanities?"
    • Feb. 3, 2017, UCSB -- Henry Jenkins workshop: "Think Critically, Act Creatively: Worldbuilding for Civic Engagement," 10 am - 12 pm, McCune Conference Room 2020 HSSB (event announcement and description)
    • Feb. 2, 2017, UCSB -- Henry Jenkins lecture: "Remixing the Civic Imagination,"4 pm, McCune Conference Room 2020 HSSB (event announcement and description)
    • Feb 2, 2017, UCSB -- Alanna Bartolini, "Workshop: Hacking the Craft, Binary Code, Critical Making, and the Social Media of Knitting with Alanna Bartolini,"  5:30-7:30 pm, Art, Design, & Architecture Museum, UCSB.
    • Jan. 13, 2017, UCSB --  "'Wild Surmise': How Humanists & Artists Discovered the Internet at UCSB, c.1994" (Alan Liu, Friday Jan. 13, 10-11 a.m., Library 1312)

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