Student Blogs

The graduate students in English 238, "Digital Humanities: Intro to the Field," are asked to write several blog posts during Fall 2014 that contribute to their intended professional field in its relation to the digital humanities (see assignment). Student blogs and the posts written for this course are below.

Blog Title (and URL)
Posts Written for Course
Alanna Bartolini
Remediating Cultural Mem(e)ory in the New Media Universe 
Alfonso Delgado Site Title
Sage Gerson
Sage Gerson
Fabian Offert
Fabian Offert (Zentralwerkstatt)
Giorgina Paiella
The Corpus Electric
Teddy Roland
Teddy Roland
Jamal Russell
Sofie Sommer Thomsen
Being Sommer
Ryan Leach  Frettings on the Blank